How to Add Arbitrum to Metamask?
How to Add Arbitrum to Metamask?

How to Add Arbitrum to Metamask?

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  • MetaMask is a crypto wallet for Ethereum and is available to download as a web extension and mobile app on the official MetaMask website.

  • Users can add the Arbitrum One network to MetaMask with just a few clicks.

  • Users can also use these steps to add other EVM networks like BNB Smart Chain and Polygon to MetaMask.

What Is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution developed by Offchain Labs for the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to improve the performance of Ethereum smart contracts by increasing their speed, scalability, and privacy.

By allowing developers to run unmodified Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts and Ethereum transactions on a second layer, Arbitrum’s goal is to provide fast and cost-effective transactions while maintaining the security benefits of Ethereum's layer-1 infrastructure.

How to Install and Set up a Metamask Wallet

1. MetaMask is available for Chrome, iOS, and Android on the MetaMask website. Make sure you’re using the official website and downloading the legitimate extension.

2. After installing the extension, you’ll see the MetaMask welcome page. If you want to create a new wallet, click “Create a new wallet”. You can also import an existing wallet with its seed phrase using the “Import an existing wallet” option.

4. If you’d like to share anonymous usage data with MetaMask, you can do so at this stage. Accepting or refusing this will not affect your wallet usage.

5. Create a strong password for your wallet. Note that this is not your seed phrase. The password simply prevents people from accessing your wallet from your device. If you forget your password, you can always retrieve your crypto with your seed phrase.

6. After you choose your password, MetaMask will give you some useful information about your wallet’s seed phrase. Read through it carefully if you’re not familiar with how crypto wallets work.

7. You’ll now see your seed phrase. Click the lock to view the phrase and take note of the words in the correct order. Store the phrase securely (preferably offline) and never share it with anyone. This phrase is the final backup of the contents of your wallet. Click “Next” to continue.

8. You’ll need to repeat your seed phrase by selecting the words in the correct order. When finished, click “Next”.

9. You have now completed the steps to protect your wallet. Click “Got it!” to finish setting up your new wallet.

10. Click “Next” and then “Done” to finish the installation of the MetaMask wallet.

11. You can open MetaMask in your browser by clicking on the puzzle icon and clicking on the MetaMask logo. For now, MetaMask is only connected to Ethereum. Next, we'll see how to connect MetaMask to Arbitrum.

Add Arbitrum Network to MetaMask

  1. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the Ethereum Mainnet display. Then, click “Add network”.

  1. Click the “Add” button that appears after Arbitrum One.

  1. Add Arbitrum One by clicking “Approve”.

  1. You can switch to the Arbitrum network from your MetaMask by simply clicking on it in the network selection tab.

Add Arbitrum to MetaMask Manually

1. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the Ethereum Mainnet display. Then click “Add network”.

2. Now click on “Add a network manually”.

3. On the “Add a network manually” page that opens, you'll need to add the following details. Click “Save” when you're done.

Network Name

Arbitrum One


Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer URL

4. You can switch to the Arbitrum network from your MetaMask by simply clicking on the Arbitrum One icon in the network selection tab.

  1. You have now connected your MetaMask crypto wallet to Arbitrum. You can now visit any decentralized application (DApp) that supports Arbitrum support and connect to it.

Closing Thoughts

After setting up the Arbitrum mainnet in MetaMask, you’re free to start sending crypto, collecting NFTs, and using DeFi DApp smart contracts. You can even swap tokens within the extension. However, make sure you have ETH in your wallet to pay your transaction costs. You can get this by using an Arbitrum bridge for your ETH on the Ethereum mainnet. 

MetaMask isn't just for Ethereum and Arbitrum as well. The wallet actually supports the entire Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem.

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