What Is Puffer Finance?
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What Is Puffer Finance?

What Is Puffer Finance?

Na-publish Apr 17, 2024Na-update Jun 12, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Puffer is a native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP) built on EigenLayer. 

  • It is designed to enhance the performance and diversity of Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) validators, making native restaking more accessible and decentralized.

  • Puffer’s slash protection mechanism and validator tickets ensure consistent rewards and increased security for stakers.


Puffer's primary goal is to establish a new standard for secure validator operations while preserving Ethereum's decentralization. 

Puffer Finance introduced a new approach to Ethereum staking, making liquid restaking more accessible. It addresses the challenges of centralization and accessibility in staking through its permissionless framework, native restaking capabilities, and commitment to decentralization. Through robust slash protection mechanisms and validator tickets, the protocol can offer consistent rewards and increased security for ETH stakers.

But before discussing how Puffer works, it’s worth clarifying the differences between liquid staking and liquid restaking.

Liquid Staking vs. Liquid Restaking

Liquid staking refers to the process of tokenizing staked assets. For example, when you stake ETH on a platform like Lido, you receive stETH in return. Liquid staking tokens (LSTs) like stETH allow you to contribute to the network’s security without sacrificing liquidity. Then, you can use the LSTs elsewhere while your native ETH is staked.

Liquid restaking takes the concept further, enabling the use of staked ETH to expand blockchain security to other “external” modules and systems, such as oracles, sidechains, and rollups. This allows validators to better utilize their assets and supplement their staking rewards.

How Does Puffer Finance Work?

Puffer is designed to enhance the performance and diversity of Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) validators. Unlike traditional staking models that require validators to lock up a significant amount of capital (32 ETH) and maintain technical infrastructure, Puffer provides a more accessible alternative. With Puffer, individuals can participate as validators with as little as 1 ETH, lowering the barrier to entry and promoting decentralization.

Native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP)

Puffer is built on EigenLayer, which is a specialized blockchain layer optimized for staking operations. Puffer operates as a native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP):

  • Native means that Puffer only uses native ETH. 

  • Liquid refers to the liquid staking mechanism that gives users liquid staking tokens (LSTs). For every ETH you stake on Puffer, you get one pufETH, which you can use in other DeFi applications while your ETH is staked. 

  • Restaking refers to the liquid restaking mechanism that allows the ETH deposited on Puffer to be used as collateral for services on EigenLayer.

In other words, Puffer’s native liquid restaking mechanism allows validators to use their staked ETH in other activities while maintaining their validator status and generating yields. This enhances capital efficiency and ensures that validators' assets are fully utilized, contributing to a more robust staking ecosystem.

Permissionless framework

Puffer Finance adopts a permissionless framework, enabling anyone to run a validator on the protocol. This democratization of staking ensures that the validator set remains diverse and decentralized, mitigating the risk of centralization. By removing barriers to entry, Puffer can empower individual stakers to participate in Ethereum's consensus mechanism, aligning with the platform's ethos of decentralization.

Slash protection and MEV autonomy

Validators' assets are protected through Puffer’s innovative slash protection mechanism. By leveraging anti-slashing hardware support and robust security protocols, Puffer minimizes the likelihood of validators being slashed for malicious behavior or operational errors.

Additionally, Puffer gives validators autonomy over their MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) strategies, allowing them to optimize rewards while maintaining security and integrity.

Validator tickets and enhanced rewards

Puffer Finance introduces the concept of validator tickets, which guarantee rewards for stakers regardless of validator performance. This innovative approach ensures consistent rewards for stakers and incentivizes early participation in the protocol. Moreover, Puffer's integration with Eigenlayer supercharges rewards for validators, providing additional incentives for participation and contribution.

Puffer Airdrop

As of April 2024, there are no official announcements regarding a Puffer airdrop. However, users can earn Puffer Points by depositing stETH or providing liquidity to the Puffer platform. While we can’t be entirely sure, some users speculate that these points might be later used as part of an airdrop eligibility and distribution process.

Closing Thoughts

Puffer's mission is to establish a new standard for secure validator operations, focusing on maintaining Ethereum's decentralization. They achieve this by implementing anti-slashing technology to mitigate risks and by enabling a wider variety of validators, enhancing diversity in node operators.

The Puffer Finance protocol offers a decentralized, accessible, and innovative solution for Ethereum validators and stakers. By leveraging liquid staking, slash protection, and native liquid restaking capabilities, Puffer can make Ethereum's PoS ecosystem more efficient and accessible to everyone.

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