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創造代幣所需的專業知識和投入比貨幣來得少。創作貨幣時,通常需要一組開發人員和專家。雖然代幣還是會要求技術知識,但只要選用其他區塊鏈,例如以太坊、幣安智能鏈、Solana 及 Polygon,即有可能在幾分鐘內完成。 


Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are popular blockchains for creating digital currencies. You can either use established code to create tokens yourself or pay to use a coin creation service. Sidechains are another popular choice as they provide more customization with the main blockchain’s benefits.

Before creating your own crypto, you'll need to consider its utility, tokenomics, and legal status. After this, your choice of blockchain, consensus mechanism, and architecture are all needed for the development stage. Next, you could consider an audit of your project and a final legal check. While pretty much anyone can create a cryptocurrency, developing a solid project requires serious work and dedication.


The idea of creating your own cryptocurrency, use cases, and audience is an exciting one for many crypto fans. But where is the best place to start? There are actually many ways to create coins and tokens. The costs and knowledge also vary based on the complexity of your project. If you're thinking about creating your own cryptocurrency, our article lays out the very basics for you to get started.


加密貨幣也稱為 Crypto,是具有多種用例的數位資產。主要以數位方式在人與人之間轉移價值,其中包括貨幣價值、所有權,甚至是投票權限。加密貨幣不同於其他數位支付系統,因為它是以區塊鏈技術為基礎。這個基礎可讓加密貨幣更自由,不受政府或銀行等中央實體的影響。



加密貨幣大致可分成兩類:貨幣和代幣。其中的差異很簡單:貨幣有自己的原生區塊鏈,例如比特幣。以太幣 (ETH) 則有以太坊區塊鏈。一般來說,貨幣在整個網路上具備特定功能,例如支付交易手續費、質押或參與治理。

Tokens are built on pre-existing blockchains. They might have some similar roles to coins, but tokens mainly have utility in their own projects. One example is PancakeSwap's CAKE on Binance Smart Chain. You can also use it to pay for certain transactions in the PancakeSwap ecosystem, like minting Non-Fungible Tokens or playing their lottery. However, CAKE doesn’t have its own blockchain, so it cant be used in every application across BSC. The same is true for the thousands of ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token is part of a specific project with different use cases.


如上所述,創造代幣要比創造貨幣簡單得多。創造貨幣時,您必須開發並妥善維護區塊鏈。您可以分叉另一個現有的鏈 (創造副本),但這無法解決尋找用戶和驗證者讓網路持續運行的問題。儘管如此,新貨幣的成功機率,可能比單純創造代幣來得更高。這兩種選項的基本概述如下:










如果您開發自己的區塊鏈,則在創造新貨幣時會需要很多時間。但是,如果分叉先前的區塊鏈,即可快速完成並成為新貨幣的基礎。比特幣現金 (BCH) 就是分叉專案的例子。如果要做到這點,您仍然需要進階的區塊鏈技術和編碼知識。專案是否成功,也取決於如何讓新用戶加入您的區塊鏈網路,這也是一大挑戰。


在現有區塊鏈創造代幣,可以利用原本的聲譽和安全性。雖然您無法完全控制貨幣的所有面向,但仍可進行大量的自訂作業。用戶可以透過各種網站和工具來創造自己的代幣,尤其是在 BSC 和以太坊。


對於去中心化金融 (DeFi) 應用程式,或是邊玩邊賺的遊戲來說,通常代幣就足夠了。BSC 和以太坊都為開發者提供極大的靈活性和自由度。 

If you're looking to push the limits of what a coin or blockchain does, creating a coin with its own blockchain would likely be better. Creating a new blockchain and coin is certainly harder than issuing a crypto token. But if done right, it can bring lots of innovation and new possibilities. Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon are good examples. 



部分最熱門的加密貨幣創建解決方案包括 BSC、以太坊及 Solana。這些網路都會提供根據現有標準來製作各種代幣的方法。BEP-20 和 ERC-20 代幣標準都是典範,且幾乎所有加密貨幣錢包供應商都有支援。

ERC-20 屬於以太坊區塊鏈,而 BEP-20 是幣安智能鏈 (BSC) 的一部分,兩者都允許創造及自訂智能合約,讓您得以創造自己的代幣和去中心化應用程式 (DApp)。透過 DApp 即可創建生態系,為您的代幣提供更多用例和功能。

您也可以考慮側鏈,其會採用以太坊或 Polkadot 等大型區塊鏈的安全性,同時提供一些自訂功能。Polygon 網路屬於以太坊並提供類似體驗,但在使用上費用更加低廉且速度更快。

挑好區塊鏈後,您必須準備好創造代幣的方法。有了 BSC 或基於以太坊虛擬機的區塊鏈,流程就會變得相對簡單。您也可以找現成的工具,並根據您提供的參數和規則來創造代幣。這些通常是付費工具,但對於不熟悉智能合約的用戶來說,會是更實用的選擇。

If you want to make your own blockchain and coin, you will likely need a team of blockchain developers and industry experts. Even if you look at forking a blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin, there is still a huge amount of work required to setup your network. This would include encouraging users to act as validators and run nodes to keep the blockchain running.


Apart from the obvious choices like your blockchain or creating a coin or token, there are a few other key areas to consider:







透過 7 個步驟,即可創造您自己的加密貨幣


1. 選擇合適的區塊鏈平台

For a token, you'll need to pick the blockchain to mint your crypto on. BSC and Etheruem are popular options, but sidechains can also be a good idea. To create your own coin, you'll need to think about designing or hiring someone to create a custom blockchain.

2. 選擇共識機制


3. 設計您的區塊鏈架構


4. Begin blockchain development


5. 稽核您的加密貨幣及其程式碼

Certik 等稽核公司可以檢查您的區塊鏈,以及加密貨幣程式碼,以便找出任何漏洞。然後,您可以公開稽核結果,也可以依據找到的問題處理。此過程可為創建者,以及任何潛在用戶或投資者,提供安全的保證。 

6. 謹慎檢查其合法性


7. 鑄造您的加密貨幣


如何創造 BEP-20 代幣

創造簡單的 BEP-20 代幣時,您需要基本的編碼能力,才能將智能合約部署至幣安智能鏈。您還必須安裝 MetaMask,並在錢包中存入一些 BNB (幣安幣) 來支付燃料費。

1. 確保已將 BSC 主網新增至 MetaMask。如需詳細說明,請參閱我們的如何將 MetaMask 連接至幣安智能鏈指南。

2. 前往 Remix,這是在區塊鏈開發及部署智能合約的線上應用程式,且與以太坊虛擬機相容。在 [合約] 資料夾按一下右鍵,然後點選 [新增檔案]。

3. 將檔案命名為「BEP20.sol」。

4. 確保將程式語言設定為 [Solidity],否則您的智能合約將無法發揮作用。按一下右下角圈起來的圖示,即可完成此操作。

5. 將 BEP-20 智能合約程式碼複製到您的檔案中。在 GitHub 上,您可以找到該程式碼參數和功能的詳細資訊。

6. 為您的貨幣更改名稱、幣種、小數點及總供給量。在這裡,我們以 Binance Academy Coin (BAC) 為例:設定小數點後 18 位,且總供給量為 100,000,000。別忘了加上足夠的 0 來填滿 18 位小數。

7. Next, you’ll need to compile the smart contract. Click the icon shown below on the left side of the screen, check [Auto compile] and [Enable optimization], then click the [Compile] button.

8. 按一下 [ABI] 按鈕,即可複製合約的 ABI。

9. 在下方按一下畫面左側圈起來的圖示。選擇 [Injected Web3] 作為您的環境,然後允許 MetaMask 連接至 Remix。最後,請在按一下 [部署] 前確認已選擇 BEP20 合約。

10. 您現在必須透過 MetaMask 支付交易手續費,以便將合約部署至區塊鏈上。智能合約上線後,您必須驗證並發佈合約原始碼。 

將合約地址複製到 BscScan、選擇 [Solidity (單一個)] 作為編譯器類型,並對應至步驟 7 所使用的編譯器版本。

11. 接下來,在 Remix 的 BEP20.sol 按一下右鍵,然後按一下 [扁平化]。然後,您必須向 Remix 提供扁平化程式碼的權限。

12. Copy the code from your BEP20_flat.sol into the field, and ensure [Optimization] is set to Yes. Now click [Verify and Publish] at the bottom of the page.

13. 您現在會看到成功的啟動畫面。有了驗證過的程式碼,即可使用合約中實作的 _mint 呼叫,透過 BscScan 鑄造您的代幣。前往 BscScan 的合約地址,然後依序按一下 [撰寫合約] 和 [連接至 Web3],以便連接您的 MetaMask 帳戶。

14. 前往頁面下方的「鑄造」區段,然後輸入您想鑄造的代幣數量。我們即將鑄造 100,000,000 BAC。別忘了加上小數位,在這個範例中是 18 位。按一下 [編寫],然後在 MetaMask 支付手續費。

15. 您現在應該會看到代幣已鑄造完畢,並發送至創建智能合約的錢包中。


Getting your coin or token listed on a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance can introduce it to a broader audience in a safe and regulated way. If you manage to create and develop a solid cryptocurrency project, you can fill in Binance's online application forms for either a direct listing and/or distribution on Launchpad/Launchpool.

每種加密貨幣都必須經過嚴格的盡責調查過程,且您必須在申請期間,定期向幣安更新其進度。另外,您必須在加密貨幣生態系中接受 BNB (幣安幣) 和 BUSD,例如將它們作為流動性用途,或是在首次代幣發行 (ICO) 代幣銷售中接受它們。

Cost of creating your own cryptocurrency

其中的成本會與您選擇的方法和設定有關。如果您正在創造貨幣和區塊鏈,則可能必須支付整個團隊在數個月內的費用。可靠的程式碼稽核團隊也會產生約 $15,000 (USD) 的花費。最便宜的情況下,用戶可以花費 $50 在 BSC 創造簡單的代幣。平均起來,如果您想創建具有機會成功的加密貨幣,可能必須在創造、行銷及創造社群方面花費數千美元。


If you decide to make your own cryptocurrency, make sure to use our information only as a starting point. It's a deep topic that takes a long time to understand fully. Beyond creating the token or coin, you also need to think about making it a success post-launch. Studying other projects and their launches to see what worked well and what didn’t can help with creating your own cryptocurrency.