A Beginner’s Guide to Binance Earn
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A Beginner’s Guide to Binance Earn

A Beginner’s Guide to Binance Earn

Na-publish Apr 19, 2024Na-update Jun 12, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Passive investing in cryptocurrencies allows users to earn rewards from their idle digital assets with minimal effort.

  • Passive investing in platforms like Binance Earn offers benefits such as lower fees, consistent investing strategy, and less time effort.

  • This guide covers the basics of passive investing and how to get started earning from your crypto holdings with Binance Earn.


When people first begin their journey into cryptocurrency trading and investing, they often start with spot trading, which is among the simplest ways of buying and selling financial assets. However, many feel uncertain about what to do with their idle digital assets, so passive investing can be a good choice – and Binance Earn is a great place to get started.

In this article, we will cover the basics of passive investing, its potential benefits and limitations. We will also go through a quick guide on how to get started earning from your crypto holdings with Binance Earn.

What Is Passive Investing?

Passive investing is a way for people to grow their money without working too hard. It means putting money into things like stocks or cryptocurrencies and letting it grow over time. You don't need to check it all the time or do lots of buying and selling. This approach has gained popularity not only in traditional markets but also in the cryptocurrency space.

With passive investing, cryptocurrency holders are able to earn a steady stream of income from their digital assets without the need for frequent trading. In the crypto space, passive income can be generated through various methods, each with its own set of risks and rewards. A few common examples include staking, yield farming, and lending and borrowing.

Advantages of Passive Investing

  • Lower fees: Passive investing typically involves lower fees compared to actively managed funds, as it requires less frequent trading and asset reallocation.

  • Consistency: Passive investing usually follows a set investment strategy, allowing investors to maintain a consistent approach over time without the need for frequent adjustments or market timing.

  • Time efficiency: Passive investing requires less time and effort compared to active trading, making it suitable for investors who prefer a hands-off approach to managing their portfolios.

Limitations of Passive Investing

  • Market risk: Passive investing doesn’t involve active management to respond to changing market conditions, potentially leaving investors susceptible to market downturns or prolonged periods of underperformance.

  • Limited flexibility: Depending on the strategy or product chosen, investors may not have the flexibility to quickly access their funds.

  • Market concentration: Some passive investment vehicles may be heavily concentrated in a few large-cap assets or sectors, increasing vulnerability to risks or market downturns impacting those sectors.

What Is Binance Earn?

Binance Earn is a great place for users to receive passive income from their crypto holdings. It offers a diverse range of products to meet the needs of different investors, from beginners to experienced users.

Binance Earn provides users with access to flexible savings, locked savings, and a few other products – each offering unique features and benefits. Flexible savings allow users to deposit and withdraw their funds at any time, while locked savings offer higher interest rates in exchange for locking up funds for a specified period.

How to Get Started With Binance Earn?

1. Log in to your Binance account and find [Earn] at the top menu.

2. You will be redirected to the Binance Earn interface. Here you can see the available products, such as Simple Earn, High Yield and Auto-Invest.

On the right side, you will find a summary of your holdings and an estimate of your returns in the last 30 days.

3. Scroll down to find a list of available products. Here you can see the different assets followed by estimated APR and duration. You can also use the search function or filters to look for specific assets.

4. To start earning from your holdings, you have to choose a product offering and subscribe to it. Add the amount of funds you want to use, check the summary and click Confirm when ready.

You can check the Product Rules tab at the top for more details on each offer.

5. The Flexible options allow you to redeem your funds anytime. The Fixed ones will require you to lock your funds for a certain period. Below is an example of a Fixed term product, with different lock-up periods.

Closing Thoughts

Passive investing in cryptocurrencies can offer great opportunities for individuals to grow their holdings over time with minimal effort. Binance Earn provides users with access to a variety of products designed to maximize passive earnings while minimizing risk.

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