What Is Jasmy (JASMY)?
What Is Jasmy (JASMY)?

What Is Jasmy (JASMY)?

Published May 10, 2022Updated Jan 5, 2024


Jasmy is a blockchain platform focused on providing data security and sharing services in the IoT era. The team and blockchain are also committed to protecting user data and building a decentralized Metaverse world. All these points lead to an increase in the sharing of data value. 


According to the Bloomberg Industry Research Institute, the metaverse’s market size will reach a staggering $800 billion within the next two years. With such a large potential for growth and development, Jasmy is preparing itself to help metaverse users take ownership of their data in this new technological trend.

What's the issue with data and the metaverse?

The metaverse concept is hugely popular, but at the same time, relatively new. The topic has been a major development track for the past year and attracted a huge audience scrambling to explore it. 

An important part of the metaverse is its combination of the commercial, payment, online, and other digital economies. User-generated content will likely have huge value. There’s now a large opportunity to ensure this data’s security and circulation with blockchain technology. 

However, one significant problem within the metaverse and blockchain worlds is the lack of an effective, decentralized data storage system. We can store simple information about account balances, but storing extensive data like videos and images on blockchains is more challenging. 

With nodes needing to keep a full copy of a blockchain, running an efficient blockchain storage solution is not an easy feat.

What is Jasmy?

Jasmy is a blockchain platform founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2016 by Kazumasa Sato, a former Sony employee. It focuses on developing data security and providing data sharing services in the era of the metaverse and Internet of Things (IoT). This vision allows users to truly own their data and monetize it if they wish. 
With Jasmy’s technology, metaverse applications built on the network can establish direct bridges for data exchange between themselves. This application leads to a decentralized storage solution that’s suitable for metaverse applications. With the rise of Web 3.0 and improved data democracy, Jasmy has the potential to create something unique in the metaverse space.

How does Jasmy work?

Jasmy has several key technology features and aspects that help it achieve its goals:  

Metadata storage

With the help of IoT, encryption technology, and distributed storage, users can safely store code, text, information, pictures, videos, motion, and audio for metaverse uses. Jasmy achieves this through a personal data locker and the storage of files using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This mechanism distributes data across users in a peer-to-peer network.

Identity ID

Jasmy provides a unique, immutable, and self-controlled decentralized identity solution. This offering gives users straightforward access to their data and an on-chain virtual identity. A blockchain-based system for establishing digital identities is key to any protocol that takes data storage seriously.

Immersive games worlds

The Jasmy protocol enables the creation and storage of characters, equipment, skins, and other metaverse game assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Users can own these assets and trade them on secondary NFT and crypto markets, creating value with their own data.  

IoT devices and equipment

A key aspect of the metaverse is its immersive nature. This makes IoT and virtual reality (VR) equipment important to the user experience. IoT technologies, sensor modules, augmented reality (AR), and VR devices can all be used with the Jasmy protocol.

What is the Jasmy metaverse token?

JasmyCoin, JASMY, is the Jasmy ecosystem’s ERC-20 governance and utility cryptocurrency token. JASMY was minted on Ethereum and has a variety of use cases. It plays an important role in incentivizing behavior and both game and community governance. JASMY use cases include:

1. Rewarding and motivating players in Jasmy games.

2. Purchasing Mystery Blind Box Foundry Heroes.

3. Buying metaverse, in-game assets such as heroes, weapons, consumables, and land.

4. Staking in liquidity pools for liquidity mining and obtaining token rewards.

5. Accessing data available in Jasmy data lockers by holding JASMY.

6. Taking part in Jasmy’s governance mechanism through voting on proposals. This will ultimately allow its community to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

JASMY tokens will also be used to reward community members for their creations and contributions to the Jasmy metaverse ecosystem.

Where can I buy JASMY?

You can purchase JASMY on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange in two ways. First, you can buy JASMY using a credit or debit card with various fiat currencies, including USD and EUR. Visit Binance's [Buy Crypto with Debit/Credit Card] page, select the currency you want to pay in, and choose JASMY in the bottom field. 

Click [Continue] to confirm your request and follow the instructions given.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC)Ether (ETH)BNB, and Tether (USDT) for JASMY. Head to Binance's Spot view and type JASMY in the trading pair search field. This will display all the trading pairs available. For more information on the Exchange view, visit the How to Use TradingView on the Binance Website guide.

Closing thoughts

Jasmy has set its sights on two important blockchain use cases: the metaverse and data sovereignty. There’s significant crossover between them, and creating a new blockchain and IoT platform focussing on these topics could provide us an interesting, unique solution.