What Is MANTRA (OM)?

What Is MANTRA (OM)?

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MANTRA is a vertically-integrated blockchain ecosystem. The MANTRA OMniverse encompasses the DAO; MANTRA Nodes: a blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service business; MANTRA Chain: a protocol for various assets for the Cosmos ecosystem; and MANTRA Finance: a DeFi platform that brings the speed and transparency of DeFi to the world of TradFi.


Launched in 2020, MANTRA is a vertically-integrated blockchain ecosystem. Previously known as MANTRA DAO, the ecosystem carries a reputation for an open and honest approach to crypto trading, fund-building, and innovation, all part of its goal to make crypto-pioneering personal, safe and secure.

What is the OMniverse?

With MANTRA’s rebrand also came the restructuring of MANTRA into the all-encompassing MANTRA ecosystem, otherwise known as the OMniverse. The OMniverse is made up of four stacks that comprise the wide variety of products and services MANTRA offers to both retail and institutional investors. The four stacks are MANTRA Nodes, MANTRA Chain, MANTRA Finance and MANTRA DAO, with each comprising a range of innovative products within MANTRA’s ecosystem. 


MANTRA Nodes is the cornerstone of the vertically integrated stack that is the foundation for the OMniverse. The primary function of the node operations is to generate revenue for the business and grow Sherpa community holdings by providing more yield-earning opportunities across multiple blockchains. Additionally, these validator nodes support MANTRA in building a presence on new and emerging blockchain networks and growing it into a larger institutional space as an ecosystem. It also opens up opportunities to expand MANTRA’s multi-chain DeFi ecosystem.

MANTRA also offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), meaning it can set up validator node operations for both institutions and individuals. The MANTRA Nodes service line also includes node management, retail staking (both on- and off-chain), institutional nodes, and cloud / white-label node development and deployment.


MANTRA Chain is the protocol for the Cosmos ecosystem. It is interoperable with other blockchains in Cosmos with the IBC module, providing developer tools and an opportunity to build anything from games and web3 applications to secure and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The network is also EVM-compatible, combining the flexibility and reliability of both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems in a builder-friendly environment. 

MANTRA Chain also utilizes a powerful decentralized identify (DID) module for all KYC & AML needs. The module facilitates the development of the products that utilize enhanced features and ecosystems.

MANTRA Finance

MANTRA Finance aims to be a platform that brings the speed and transparency of DeFi to the established yet opaque TradFi world. The platform will allow for users around the world to trade, issue, and earn from digital assets in a non-custodial and permissionless way.


Since its inception, MANTRA has always focused on involving its community at every stage, and the transparent governance mechanism is the core that brings the people together. To reach a wider community outside of the OMniverse and Sherpas, M DAO strives to bring this narrative and structure to other projects and their many protocols.

The stack offers DAO services that securely increase the efficiency of various DAOs’ business functions, from finance to HR management. For example, some DAO solutions include treasury management, DAO issuance and launchpads, and DAO governance and grants, as well as DAO staking and DeFi.

Some successful DAO partnerships include HeliSwap, the first DEX & DAO on the Hedera network and ZENSTAR, the first substrate based money-market built on the Astar network on Polkadot.

The OM Token

OM is the native token of the OMniverse and has various utilities including:

Governance: OM stakers can issue proposals, participate in governance votes, and suggest developments in various products across the OMniverse.

Staking: OM can be staked directly on MANTRA’s web app or on Binance for passive yield earning.

DAO Token Access/ Airdrop Incentives: OM stakers get special access to new DAO token issuances as well as partnering DAO token airdrops.

Now that you’re familiar with the essential stacks that make up MANTRA as an ecosystem, let’s look at how you can buy MANTRA’s tokens, OM, on Binance. 

How to buy OM on Binance  

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Trade] -> [Spot].

2. Type “OM” in the search bar to view the available trading pairs. We will use OM/BUSD as an example.

3. Go to the [Spot] box and enter the amount of OM you want to buy. In this example, we will use a market order. Click [Buy OM] to confirm your order, and the purchased OM will be credited to your Spot Wallet.

How to stake OM on Binance?

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Earn] -> [Binance Earn].

2. Type “OM” in the search bar to view the available staking period (30, 60 or 90 days) and click [Stake Now].

3. Enter the amount of OM you would like to stake and click [confirm].

Closing thoughts

While MANTRA aims to create a secure, safe, and personal ecosystem for its users, it’s always important to remember that the crypto industry is not free of risks. Familiarizing yourself with MANTRA’s infrastructure will help you understand the services provided within the OMniverse.

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