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BUIDL is a warping of the word “build” in the same fashion as “HODL.” BUIDL is a call to arms for building and contributing to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, instead of passively holding.

The BUIDL movement believes that instead of just accumulating or trading cryptocurrencies, people should start contributing proactively in order to help adoption and improve the ecosystem people invested.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about building in a highly technological space such as the crypto space is that you need to be an expert in programming to contribute, but this is not the case for BUIDLing.

BUIDLing can involve simply using a cryptocurrency for it's intended purpose, utilizing smart contracts, beta testing products, writing articles, playing blockchain games, using cryptocurrency wallets, and anything that could help the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields evolve and expand.

It is not clear who was the first person to use the term BUIDL. However, many significant names in the cryptocurrency ecosystem believe in BUIDLing and regularly use the term to encourage the development of the overall ecosystem. 

Vitalik Buterin used the term BUIDL when referring to Ethereum's development.

Changpeng Zhao regularly uses the term BUIDL to encourage new and old members of the communities to begin contributing to the ecosystem more than just purchasing and HODLing. 

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