Ad Hoc


The phrase "ad hoc" is a phrase of Latin origin that is used in modern English to mean "for this purpose" or "specifically for this." The direct translation of the Latin phrase is given by most dictionaries as "for this."

The term "ad hoc" can be used to imply that a solution found for a particular problem or issue should not be considered as a default solution to be used in future applications.

For example, a judge may make an "ad hoc" ruling on a case by reviewing the details of the case and specific details of the situation, but with a view that this ruling will not be held as case law to settle incidents of a similar nature in the future.

In software development, the term "ad hoc" is often used in the phrase "ad hoc solution" to mean a specific and bespoke solution developed to handle the needs of a system or user that is presented.聽聽

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