Herd Instinct

Herd Instinct


What Is Herd Instinct?

Herd instinct refers to the tendency of some crypto traders to follow the actions of the majority. This is easy to spot in various market scenarios, such as sudden buying sprees during market rallies or panic selling during market downturns. Herd instinct is particularly common in times of uncertainty or volatility.

How Does Herd Instinct Work?

At its core, herd instinct originates from the human desire to be part of a group. In the context of cryptocurrency markets, many traders tend to use the actions of other market participants as a reference. It can lead to a cycle of reinforcement, where the more people buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency, the more others feel compelled to do the same.

Implications of Herd Instinct

  • Market volatility: Herd instinct can increase market volatility, causing rapid price swings as many traders enter or exit positions. This is particularly noticeable in smaller, low-liquidity markets.
  • Mispricing: Herd instinct can result in mispricing, as the combined actions of traders may not reflect the true value of the cryptocurrency they are trading.
  • Bubbles and crashes: When traders collectively follow trends, it can inflate bubbles that eventually burst, possibly leading to market crashes.
  • Self-reinforcing chart patterns: Herd instinct may create self-reinforcing chart patterns as traders jointly interpret market movements in a similar way and tend to act accordingly.


Herd instinct is a behavior wherein traders tend to follow or react to the actions of other market participants. It has many implications, including, but not limited to, mispricing, self-reinforcing chart patterns, and increased market volatility.

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