A "Binancian" is a term referring to individuals who are actively involved with or contribute to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This is a description according to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). 

Binancians includes Binance employees who work on the development, management, and expansion of the platform. Binance angels are volunteers dedicated to promoting Binance in their local regions and contributing to Binance's global mission. 

The term "Binancian" also extends to the community, namely, users of the Binance platform, contributors to the Binance ecosystem, and supporters of the Binance mission. 

Essentially, "Binancians" are all the individuals who make Binance what it is, from the inside out.

Who Is A Binancian 

The core values of being a Binancian include the following: 

1. User-First

Binancians prioritize and focus on meeting and exceeding the needs of the users. This approach is deeply ingrained in Binance’s mission and operations.

2. Integrity

Transparency, honesty, and ethical dealings are cornerstones for Binancians as they build trust in a decentralized economy.

3. Innovation 

As a leading pioneer in the crypto space, innovation is a key value. Binancians have a pioneering spirit, constantly pushing boundaries and innovating to benefit the users and the broader ecosystem.

4. Teamwork

Collaborative efforts achieved through mutual respect and understanding are highly valued.

5. Commitment

Binancians exhibit a strong commitment to the goals of the organization and the community it serves.

6. Passion

The Binance team and community are passionate about cryptocurrencies and the potential of blockchain technology.

In essence, being a Binancian means espousing these values and being a part of the dynamic and pioneering community striving to improve the Binance ecosystem and the broader crypto landscape.

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