Understanding CZ’s Number 4

Understanding CZ’s Number 4

On January 2, 2023, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted a series of New Year's resolutions, one of which was to ignore FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), fake news, and attacks on Binance.

Following a volatile year in the crypto markets, CZ wrote a post on Twitter on the second day of the year explaining that he would try to keep 2023 simple and spend more time on fewer things. After listing three “do’s”, including education, compliance, product & service, he added a number 4 of one “don’t”, which was to “Ignore FUD, fake news, attacks, etc.” He finished the tweet by asking his followers to link back to this tweet when he tweets “4” in the future. 

CZ frequently tweeted the number "4", occasionally accompanying it with a photo of himself forming the number with his fingers. This recurring reference to "4" symbolizes CZ's commitment to concentrate on development and innovation, undistracted by external chatter or obstacles.  

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