Law of Demand

Law of Demand

Community Submission - Author: Allister Davis

Demand can be described as the preparedness of consumers to buy a specific amount of assets, goods or services for a particular price. So, the main elements of demand include, among other factors, the price of the goods, and the consumers’ preferences.

We may assume that the quantity of customers who are willing to purchase a given amount of goods depends on a number of variables. In this case, one of the most important variables is the asset price.

The aspect of demand and supply echoes from that perspective. The law of demand states that as the price of commodities increases, the quantity demanded decreases, and as the price declines the quantity demanded increases.

In other words, the law of demand is perceived to occur in the following circumstances: as the price of an asset or good increase, consumers will opt to buy less. But, if the price declines, they will be naturally inclined to purchase more of the same exact product.

When analyzing the law of demand, there is a demand schedule. It represents a series of quantities that consumers would like to purchase per unit at different prices. There are two situations in-demand schedule, which include individual demand schedule, and market demand schedule. The individual demand schedule shows the quantities of a given good which an individual buyer is ready to buy at different costs at a given time. The market demand schedule describes the quantities of a specific good that all customers will buy at the indicated market price at a given period of time.

In conclusion, the law of demand demonstrates the association between quantity demanded and the price of an asset. Most consumers prefer to purchase commodities when the prices are low. It is important to note that a thorough understanding of the law of demand can be used to predict certain economic events. For instance, a reduction in the demand for housing is usually a sign the economy is weakening. 

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