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BNB Chain Developer Specialization
Start your journey in blockchain engineering

The BNB Chain Developer Specialization offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of blockchain technology, equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to become proficient blockchain engineers. This specialization consists of a series of courses designed to provide a well-rounded education in blockchain development, BNB Chain fundamentals, Web3 development, Solidity development, and digital assets.

Throughout the specialization, learners will engage in hands-on exercises that emphasize practical application and problem-solving. They will have the opportunity to work with popular blockchain platforms, programming languages, and tools, gaining valuable experience in developing decentralized applications and implementing smart contracts.

What you will learn

  • Grasp the Fundamentals of Blockchain: Develop a solid foundation by exploring the core concepts of blockchain technology, including consensus mechanisms, cryptographic principles. and the specific characteristics of the BNB Chain ecosystem. Understand the advantages and limitations of blockchain technology in various domains.

  • Understand Blockchain Security: Delve into the intricacies of blockchain security, including cryptographic techniques, secure key management, secure transaction verification, and prevention of common attacks such as double-spending, Sybil attacks, and 51% attacks. Discover best practices for securing blockchain-based systems.

  • Build Web3 Applications: Learn how to design, develop, and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchain platforms. Gain hands-on experience in writing smart contracts using popular programming languages such as Solidity. Explore the process of integrating and interacting with existing blockchain networks.

  • Tokenization and Digital Assets: Explore the concept of tokenization and its application in creating digital assets on the blockchain. Understand different token standards (such as BEP-20, BEP-721) and learn how to create and manage tokenized assets.

Quizzes will appear after the last video of every course.

This track is only available in English.

Blockchain and P2P Fundamentals

The Blockchain and P2P Fundamentals course introduces the concepts and technical underpinnings required by professionals to learn, maintain, or improve their grasp of Blockchain innovation. The course strategically focuses on Blockchain's use in multiple industries and measures its disruptive force. This practical application follows a proof-of-concept approach which explores functional areas such as DeFi, P2P Trading, and Cross-Border Payments. Moreover, the course has applications in Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chain Management; Government Public Services such as Procurement, Registration, and e-Voting; Pharma and General Health Care Management, Regulation Compliance, and Testing Results; Music Industry Ownership Rights, Royalty Distribution, and Transparency; among others.

What you will learn

  • Blockchain Evaluation: Critically evaluate blockchain processes, practices, tools, and solutions.

  • Decentralized Digital Currencies: Systematically analyze decentralized digital currencies, P2P networks, and the underlying blockchain technology.

  • Disruptive Potential of Blockchains: Envision the disruptive potential of blockchains in combination with other technological developments (IoT, AI, etc.), particularly in the field of money and commerce.

  • Observation and Participation in Transactions: Observe and participate in foreign exchange and digital currency transactions.

  • Business Model Development: Develop applicable business models that can either be integrated into existing organizations or be used to create new ones.

Bio Instructor 

  • Professor Dr. James Mulli, as the Founder, Program Director, and Academic Dean of the European Business Institute, brings extensive experience to his role. His expertise lies in lecturing on Applied Blockchain Technologies, post-graduate Corporate Finance, Business Statistics, and Managerial Accounting. With a diverse background including lectureships across several countries such as Luxembourg, China, the USA, Kenya, and Germany, Dr. Mulli has also held directorial positions in two thriving New York-based multinational conglomerates. Notably, he served as an NASD Series 7 compliance officer at Heyka Capital Management and as a Portfolio Manager at Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Partners. Dr. Mulli earned his Doctorate and Masters degree from Saint Johns University, New York, and completed his MBA with a specialization in Investment and Finance at Plymouth State University, New Hampshire.

Quizzes will appear after the last video of every course.

Blockchain Mastery
From Fundamentals to Advanced Corporate Solutions

The Blockchain Mastery: From Fundamentals to Advanced Corporate Solutions course explores the dynamic world of digital finance. Dive into Bitcoin's origins, the transformative rise of cryptocurrencies, and the innovative blockchain technology behind them. Gain insights into recent advancements, regulatory milestones, and diverse cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Cardano. Demystify blockchain consensus mechanisms and explore topics such as DeFi, tokenomics, and smart contracts. Whether you're a student or a professional, embark on this thrilling journey into the future of money with Prof. Schmalbach. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets and their implications for businesses and investors alike.

What you will learn

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Exploration: Delve into the intricate world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, uncovering their origins, development, and transformative impact on global finance.

  • Blockchain Technology Analysis: This seminar meticulously explores blockchain technology's underlying principles, the complex dynamics of cryptocurrency markets, and the critical role of regulatory landscapes in shaping the industry's future.

  • Bitcoin's Pioneering Role: Gain insights into Bitcoin's pioneering role in advancing digital currencies and its consequential influence on spawning a diverse array of cryptocurrencies.

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Acquire a robust understanding of digital finance's current state and its potential evolution, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate and contribute to this

Bio Instructor 

  • Professor Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, a blockchain and artificial intelligence professor at ESCP Business School, has a rich background in finance and technology innovation. He is the CEO of RYSKEX Inc. in New York City and previously led a German MBA program in Cologne. With a focus on blockchain and AI's impact on finance, he contributes to academic research and practical applications. He also writes a column for the International Risk Management Institute and serves on the Risk and Insurance Council at Temple University, Philadelphia, influencing risk management practices.

Quizzes will appear after the last video of every course.

Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry

The Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry course offers a comprehensive four-week exploration into blockchain technology and digital assets. It starts with understanding fiat systems and Bitcoin's philosophy, then progresses to examine the evolving financial landscape, including CBDCs and blockchain scalability challenges. The course emphasizes practical blockchain applications, risk assessments, and future trends like tokenization of real-world assets and artificial intelligence. Participants will acquire skills in analyzing fiat systems, understanding blockchain, and grasping the complexities of digital finance, preparing them to contribute significantly to this rapidly evolving field.

What you will learn

  • Exploring Decentralization: Analyzing the dynamics of the current fiat system and exploring the concept of decentralization in the context of digital currencies.

  • Bitcoin's Philosophy: Gaining insights into Bitcoin's philosophy, its relationship with fiat currencies, and the mechanics of money creation.

  • Blockchain Technology: Delving into the uses of blockchain technology, including smart contracts, Dapps, and the challenges in scalability and sustainability.

  • Crypto Industry Evaluation: Evaluating risks, potential in the crypto industry, and future trends like tokenization of real-world assets, Artificial Intelligence, and the impact on traditional banking systems.

Bio Instructor 

  • Professor Dr. Jakub Jedlinský is an expert in fundamental analysis of coins and blockchain projects, with a focus on understanding money dynamics through SFC models. As Managing Director and CTO of Altlift, he applies his academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. His role as an assistant professor since 2016 involves leading seminars on specialized cryptocurrency courses.

  • Kareem, an adept in technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, joined the faculty in 2023, bringing a blend of data analysis skills and macroeconomic knowledge. His doctoral research focuses on quantifying natural interest rates. In his teaching, Kareem leads seminars on International Economy and specialized courses in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Digital Assets.

Quizzes will appear after the last video of every course.

Intermediate Track
Blockchain Beyond Basics

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⌛ 6 courses and 70+ modules

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This track is only available in English.

Tingkat Pemula
Blockchain Untuk Semua

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⌛ Total 6 kursus dan 29 modul

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