Break-Even Point (BEP)

Break-Even Point (BEP)


Community Submission - Author: Caner Taçoğlu

In financial terms, the breakeven point (BEP) is the point where total cost and total revenues are equal. That means there is no profit or loss at this point and all the expenses which must have been paid are covered. To be more precise, the breakeven point (BEP) refers to the sales amount, which is required to cover the total cost (fixed and variable costs).

In financial analysis, the breakeven point is one of the most commonly used tools. Entrepreneurs, investors, accountants, and even traders make use of it. BEPs can be useful to different kinds of businesses, including the ones in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Once a company manages to break above the breakeven point, it can be said that it is starting to make profits. Within businesses, a BEP analysis also allows companies to have an idea of how far they are from a profitable state, according to their income and fixed operational costs.

In the blockchain space, cryptocurrency traders can use breakeven point analysis to determine their existing state of profits and losses and adjust their trading strategies accordingly. As such, the BEP is closely related to the concept of breakeven multiple.

BEP calculations are also employed by miners to determine whether their mining operations are profitable or not. In this case, it takes into account the costs of electricity, mining hardware, and also the current price of the cryptocurrency that is being mined.

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