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Join the Binance Student Ambassador Program
Join the Binance Student Ambassador Program
Binance Academy provides free & localized education on blockchain technology. Our mission is to educate the world about blockchain and the potential of Web3.
Join the Binance Student Ambassador program to drive crypto adoption and education at your school!
Drive the future of crypto with Web3 education today
Student Ambassador Benefits
Exclusive Invites to Events
Networking & Mentorship
Exclusive SWAG & merchandise
Internship & Job Opportunities
Web3 Training and Certificates
Why should you apply?
Make a Difference
Be your campus champion for everything crypto. Connect with other students who share your passion for blockchain and Web3 and help spread knowledge of the technology to all your peers.
Future Career Prospects
The program is a fantastic addition to any resume. Grow your skills and build your reputation as a Web3 pioneer. Kickstart your career with training and certifications, support for virtual events, and unique access to experts and mentors.
Leadership Experience
Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers on campus. Host Web3 events, offer guidance to other students and gain exposure to Web3 businesses and potential sponsorships.
A joint effort to educate, engage & empower students in Web3