Ethereum Foundation

Ethereum Foundation


What Is the Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development, improvement, and promotion of Ethereum and related technologies. Established in 2014 with the vision of fostering a decentralized and open-source ecosystem, the Ethereum Foundation plays an important role in supporting the growth of Ethereum and empowering the broader blockchain community.

Mission and Goals

The primary mission of the Ethereum Foundation is to support Ethereum's evolution and the technologies surrounding it. The foundation strives to support a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications, enabling a new era of trustless and transparent systems. Additionally, it seeks to educate the public and foster collaboration within the blockchain space.

Unlike a conventional non-profit or a controlling entity, the  Ethereum Foundation operates as one component within a larger ecosystem. Its purpose is not to dictate the trajectory of Ethereum but to facilitate its organic growth and development.

Ethereum Foundation Initiatives

As of February 2024, the Ethereum Foundation website presents three main initiatives: Ecosystem Support Program, Devcon, and Fellowship Program.

1. Ecosystem Support Program

The Ecosystem Support Program is a flagship initiative designed to provide both financial and non-financial support to projects and entities within the broader Ethereum community. This program, an expansion of the original Ethereum Grants Program, aims to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. It acts as a catalyst for innovative projects by offering resources and assistance beyond mere financial aid.

2. Devcon

Since 2014, the Ethereum Foundation has been organizing Devcon, an annual conference that serves as a gathering ground for Ethereum developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. Devcon acts as a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the Ethereum community. The conference's rich repository of video content encapsulates the collective wisdom shared by the community over the years.

3. Fellowship Program

The Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program is an innovative initiative addressing representation gaps across cultures, nationalities, and economic classes. It seeks to bridge these gaps by identifying and supporting talented individuals contributing to Ethereum's growth. The Fellowship Program is instrumental in breaking down barriers to entry for underrepresented people and communities, envisioning them as the future architects of Web3.


With a focus on research, community support, and advocacy, the Ethereum Foundation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized technology. Its commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity is evident through initiatives like the Ecosystem Support Program, Devcon, and the Fellowship Program.