What Is Portal (PORTAL)?
What Is Portal (PORTAL)?

What Is Portal (PORTAL)?

Published May 15, 2024

Key Takeaways

Portal is a gaming ecosystem and publishing platform powered by the token PORTAL. Through market-leading tech and a world-class network, Portal is bringing Web3 gaming to mainstream audiences. The first crucial step in their mission is to onboard the first billion gamers into Web3.

The Portal Ecosystem is composed of multiple interconnected elements, each providing a unique value add for users: a universal gaming coin, the Portal platform, wallet, and network. The token PORTAL powers the ecosystem, enabling cross-chain transactions, seamless gameplay across all partners, staking rewards, governance, and exclusive access. With 200+ games integrated at launch and deep integrations with the majority of blockchains, Portal is redefining the way games and gamers interact.


The gaming industry is growing exponentially. It now exceeds $250 billion annually - larger than the film and music industries combined. While gaming is ripe for disruption, attempts to bring blockchain gaming to mainstream audiences have largely fallen short due to fragmentation, complexity, and poor user experiences.

Enter Portal, a cross-chain Web3 gaming ecosystem and publishing platform that is uniting games and gamers across chains. The sector’s next growth cycle will be powered by Web3; a shift that enables the move to player-owned economies. Through market-leading products and a cross-chain token (PORTAL), Portal is the mainstream access point into blockchain gaming, giving millions of gamers the ability to own, customize, and trade in-game assets from the IPs they love. 

What Is Portal?

Portal was publicly launched in 2023 with the mission of onboarding the first billion gamers into Web3. Portal's interoperable ecosystem allows players to seamlessly discover and play a wide variety of games across chains with one single token and identity.

At the center is the Portal Discovery Platform, a universal storefront with a seamless user experience connecting 200+ Web3 games at launch. Users can also manage their assets through the Portal Gaming Wallet and access exclusive drops via the Portal Launchpad. Gamers can discover the best of Web3 gaming at the touch of a button. Whether it’s through the platform, wallet or Launchpad, Portal’s seamless UX and world-class network make it the entry point for the next wave of Web3 gamers.

With a distribution network across esports and gaming, Portal is acquiring gamers via all channels. Partners include M80gg and Team Chronic, to name a few, allowing Web3 games to reach massive new audiences via the Portal Esports. Representation by WME Endeavour, the largest talent agency in the world, gives Portal unique access to mainstream entertainment.

The Portal Advisory Board is another unique asset giving Portal the edge in their mission to take Web3 gaming mainstream. Advisors include Jamie King, the Co-founder of Rockstar Games; John Yao, CEO of Team Secret; Matt Dixon, ex Head of BizDev at EA Games; Russell Hanson, CSO of Consensys, and many more. 

How Does Portal Work?

Portal leverages several key technologies:

  • Cross-chain PORTAL token - Built on LayerZero, the PORTAL token enables frictionless transactions between games and chains. Players only need to hold PORTAL to interact with all partner games.

  • Unified identity - Portal Passport provides single sign-on across Web3 games, accessible with mainstream logins.

  • Node architecture - Portal nodes create a synchronization layer, combining Portal's Web3 gaming engine with growth opportunities for those looking to build.

  • Blockchain abstraction - Portal's platform handles all on-chain interactions behind the scenes, allowing games to plug in without building complex systems themselves.

What Makes Portal Unique?

Portal is solving key pain points in Web3 gaming:

  • Fragmentation - With one token and a single identity layer, Portal unites siloed communities across chains. Players can access all partner games with PORTAL.

  • UI/UX - Blockchain gaming is complex for average users. Portal abstracts this away through seamless wallet/identity integrations and mainstream distribution.

  • Web2 onramp - Portal attracts new audiences through esports activations (for example our recent DOTA2 World Invitationals 2024 with over 4 million unique views), tournaments, IP partnerships, and an enormous network across gaming.

Through a combination of world-class distribution and seamless user experience, Portal helps accelerate Web3 gaming adoption.

Fundamentally, Portal wants to make the blockchain invisible. Players should be able to play any game on any chain seamlessly without the typical hurdles, e.g., cross-chain activity, private key storage, wallet setup, etc. Portal removes one of the key issues facing mainstream adoption of Web3 games - a user experience full of hurdles and frictions.

Portal's key advantages include its cross-chain infrastructure, gaming-specific wallet, publishing tools, and mainstream distribution channels. 

The PORTAL Token

PORTAL is the token powering Portal’s Web3 gaming ecosystem. It’s a utility and governance token that enables:

  • Cross-chain gaming transactions.

  • Staking rewards on Portal Launchpad offering unique access to the most-sought after launches.

  • Access to exclusive Launchpad and esports drops.

  • Discounts and earning boosts on the Portal platform.

  • Preferential access to the Node Program.

As the Portal ecosystem takes its place at the heart of the gaming space, PORTAL will underpin everything. From transactions across hundreds of games on 50+ blockchains, to accessing our market-leading products, and connecting with mainstream game IPs, holding PORTAL is your key to accessing the future of gaming. 

Where Can I Buy PORTAL?

You can purchase PORTAL on Binance in two ways. First, you can use a credit or debit card with selected fiat currencies. Head to Binance's [Buy Crypto with Debit/Credit Card] page, select the currency you want to use and choose PORTAL in the bottom field. Click [Continue] to confirm your purchase and further instructions.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies like BUSD, USDT and BNB for PORTAL. Head to the Exchange view and type PORTAL in the trading pair search field to find a list of all available trading pairs. For more information on the Exchange view, head to How to Use TradingView on the Binance Website.

How Do I stake PORTAL on the Portal Gaming Platform?

You can access the best of Web3 gaming by staking PORTAL. 

Stake on the Portal Launchpad (launchpad.portalgaming.com) and get access to the best token presales, NFT mints and game betas. We’re connecting games with audiences and our holders with opportunities. As Portal is positioned at the center of gaming, holding and staking PORTAL is your way of getting exposure to WEB3 games on all chains - and in the mainstream!

What's Next for Portal?

Accomplished in April, 2024:

  • Portal Launchpad went live: stake your PORTAL to receive the best rewards from across Web3 gaming. 

  • The PORTAL token is fully integrated into Magic Eden: holders can now mint any NFT on Magic Eden using PORTAL.

  • Portal DOTA2 World Invitationals: an esports and digital collectibles activation, featuring one of the world’s biggest games with over 4 million unique views. 

Coming up in 2024: 

  • Gaming Wallet - Launch of the Portal gaming wallet and game SDK for simple integration. The wallet is a MPC wallet with ‘Web2 Auth’ for seamless access. 

  • Marketplace SDK - Launch of Portal marketplace SDK for cross-chain asset transactions.

  • Portal Nodes go live: an innovative system allowing node operators to benefit from the power of data and help secure the future of gaming.

  • Cross-chain Expansion - Expansion of the Portal token and gaming platform onto new chains.

  • Major Web2 Game Activations - Web2 IP activation for esports and digital collectibles.

  • NEXUS - Launch of Portal’s cross-chain gaming experience for seamless asset-to-asset transactions.

Portal is aggressively growing its game roster, esports, IP partnerships, and cross-chain integrations to cement its place as Web3 gaming's leading ecosystem.

Closing Thoughts

Portal is building the key infrastructure needed to bring Web3 gaming to the mainstream. By elegantly solving fragmentation and user experience issues, while leveraging its publishing expertise to reach mainstream audiences, Portal is accelerating the adoption of player-owned gaming economies.

With its experienced team, strong partnerships, and polished tech stack, Portal is well-positioned to capture the upside of gaming's next platform shift. Keep an eye on this project as it continues bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming in novel ways. The Portal to the future of gaming is opening up.