What Is Open Campus Protocol (EDU)?
What Is Open Campus Protocol (EDU)?

What Is Open Campus Protocol (EDU)?

Published Jul 31, 2023

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  • Open Campus is a blockchain-based, decentralized education platform that leverages Publisher NFTs to empower learners, educators, and education enthusiasts. 

  • It offers equitable revenues, true ownership, and a path for individuals to make a difference in education.

  • Open Campus revolutionizes education by fostering an inclusive ecosystem for educators who are passionate about creating valuable content to teach and cultivate bright minds in the world.

Democratizing Education

Education is a fundamental pillar of society, but traditional systems often face challenges in terms of accessibility, transparency, and accountability. Open Campus emerges as a disruptive force, harnessing the power of blockchain to address these limitations. By utilizing decentralized technology, Open Campus aims to create a transparent, inclusive, and learner-centric ecosystem.

What is Open Campus?

Open Campus is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to revolutionize the education landscape. It facilitates seamless interactions between learners, educators, content creators, and service providers. Built on the principles of decentralization, Open Campus empowers teachers and users by giving them control over their creation and data, fostering trust, and incentivizing participation.

Open Campus at its core is a platform that powers Publisher NFTs, a tokenized version of educational content, to bridge the gap between teachers and students directly. Open Campus’ project model will provide essential tools for content creators, education institutions, and partners to create content across any discipline and mint them as Publisher NFTs; teachers can then sell and trade these NFTs on the Open Campus marketplace to co-publishers who will take up the role to market, promote and spread the content into different communities across the world. 

How Does It Work?

At its core, Open Campus utilizes blockchain technology to create a transparent and immutable record of educational content and IP. By leveraging smart contracts, the platform introduces a unique innovation called Publisher NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These NFTs play a vital role in the platform's ecosystem, creating an avenue for content creators to showcase their work, engage with their audience, and monetize their expertise.

These Publisher NFTs enable educational content to be tokenized and share revenues with different contributors who have supported the cause. Revenue generated from the content will be stored in a smart contract, and co-owners will be able to withdraw based on their contribution (e.g. teachers for creating the content, co-publishers for marketing and localization).

For content creators and teachers

Publisher NFTs bring significant benefits to content creators within the Open Campus ecosystem, allowing them to earn a fair share of the revenue generated by their courses. Unlike traditional platforms or workplaces where a centralized institution may take a significant portion of the earnings, Open Campus eliminates intermediaries, enabling creators to earn substantially more.

By leveraging Publisher NFTs, content creators have the opportunity to increase their earning potential. In the first Publisher NFT sale conducted last year, a teacher was able to earn 13 times her monthly salary through the sale of just one course. This demonstrates the immense potential that exists for creators within the Open Campus platform.

Moreover, Open Campus recognizes and values the contributions of content creators by incentivizing their efforts. Creators are empowered to build their personal brand, establish their expertise, and connect with a broader audience. The platform provides a fair and transparent environment where creators can monetize their knowledge and skills without the limitations imposed by centralized institutions.

By participating in the Open Campus ecosystem, content creators can unlock new levels of financial independence, creative freedom, and recognition for their expertise. The platform's decentralized nature and emphasis on fair revenue sharing empower creators to thrive in their educational endeavors, providing them with a sustainable and rewarding environment for their content creation journey.

For co-publishers

Publisher NFTs offer a range of benefits not only to content creators but also to co-publishers within the Open Campus ecosystem. Co-publishers, as NFT owners, gain the exclusive right to market, promote, and earn a portion of the revenue generated by their promotional efforts of educational content.

By holding a Publisher NFT, co-publishers become active participants in the education journey. They have the opportunity to make a significant impact on learners by curating and sharing courses with their communities. This empowerment enables co-publishers to contribute to the spread of knowledge and play a vital role in shaping the learning experience.

The revenue-sharing aspect further incentivizes co-publishers to reach a wider audience. As their promotional efforts attract more learners to the educational content, the revenue generated increases. This, in turn, translates into a larger share of revenue that can be distributed among co-publishers and teachers involved in the creation of the content.

The collaborative nature of co-publishing allows individuals to come together, combining their resources, expertise, and networks to amplify the reach and impact of educational content. Co-publishers can leverage their unique perspectives to connect with diverse communities, fostering a more inclusive and holistic learning environment.

By participating as co-publishers, individuals can actively contribute to the democratization of education and the empowerment of learners worldwide. The ability to market and promote educational content not only benefits co-publishers financially but also enables them to share their passion for learning and make a difference in the lives of learners.

For students 

Publisher NFTs within the Open Campus ecosystem offer significant benefits to students, enriching their learning experiences and providing them with unique opportunities. 

Students can explore a wide range of courses, tutorials, and resources curated by knowledgeable creators that are often not available in standard curriculums. This ensures access to diverse and engaging content that caters to their specific learning needs and interests.

The implementation of Publisher NFTs aligns with Open Campus's commitment to decentralization and community-driven initiatives. It acknowledges the importance of content creators in shaping the learning experience and provides them with a platform where they can thrive, collaborate, and be recognized for their contributions.

As Open Campus continues to evolve, the Publisher NFTs are set to play a crucial role in nurturing a vibrant community of content creators, educators, and learners. This innovative approach to incentivizing and rewarding creators adds a new dimension to the platform, enhancing its value proposition and establishing Open Campus as a frontrunner in the intersection of blockchain and education.

What Makes Open Campus Unique?

Open Campus stands out due to its commitment to decentralization, community engagement, and learner empowerment. Unlike traditional centralized education platforms, Open Campus shifts the power dynamics by involving learners and educators in decision-making processes. The platform's emphasis on transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration fosters a vibrant learning community that can shape the future of education collectively.

Publisher NFTs

The first and only NFT model that is targeted to give fair share revenue to teachers and content creators to recognize their value in society. It has a flywheel effect with Web3 investors to make the full cycle of creating, trading, and selling sustainable. 


The Partners that Open Campus lined up are education-focused Web3 companies that are here to make a change - our anchor partner TinyTap is a UGC content platform for teachers to create and teach to K-12 students. They have already stocked a library of 250k+ lessons from 100k+ creators, that are ready to be minted as Publisher NFTs. They actively participated in Open Campus product development with their expertise in building content creation tools. 


Open Campus decisions are driven in a DAO format, where EDU holders are the key driving force. To be a community-led decentralized education protocol, all major decisions will need to go through a robust and rigid proposal voting process driven by the EDU community. Read more on https://dao.opencampus.xyz/

What is the EDU Token?

Central to Open Campus is the EDU token, which serves as the native cryptocurrency within the ecosystem. The EDU token incentivizes participation and rewards users for their contributions, whether it be creating educational content, providing services, or actively engaging in the platform. This token economy drives the growth and sustainability of Open Campus while ensuring fair compensation for value-added activities.

Use cases

  • Payment to reward content creators and co-publishers for their revenue share.

  • Minting educational content as an NFT.

  • Payments to access partner educational platforms of Open Campus.

  • Voting and governance rights for the Open Campus DAO.

What's Next for Open Campus?

Open Campus has an ambitious roadmap ahead. With a strong focus on expanding its partnerships, enhancing platform functionality, and integrating emerging technologies - Open Campus aims to become a leading player in the education industry. The project also plans to explore additional use cases for blockchain technology in education, such as credential verification, lifelong learning records, and decentralized governance models.

Publisher NFT Sales

The Publisher NFTs will be sourced from Open Campus partners including TinyTap, GEMS Education, and many others. The Season 1 of Publisher NFT was conducted in Q4 last year - generating a total sales of 243 ETH across 12 different courses. The upcoming Season 2 Publisher NFT Sale will feature the best courses from TinyTap to grow mass-market adoption of Publisher NFTs.

OC Alliance

Partners adopt and integrate $EDU with their core businesses. We work with different payment providers including Binance Pay and others to onboard partners to integrate $EDU into their businesses. Many more partners (existing partners include CoderSchool, Atiom, Algoritma and many more) will be joining the Alliance to further broaden the $EDU token’s utility and cement its key role among education providers.

OC Labs

Major web2 and 3 brands that utilize the Open Campus platform to create educational content to promote their respective company value and mission. For the 1st semester, we have lined up 8 partners to cover “The World We Live In”; course content will be subsequently published on the Open Campus website for free learning. The upcoming semesters will also be announced soon so stay tuned to our socials.

Closing Thoughts

Open Campus holds immense potential in revolutionizing education through blockchain technology. By empowering learners, educators, and content creators, Open Campus fosters a more inclusive, transparent, and learner-centric approach to education. As blockchain continues to gain recognition for its transformative capabilities, Open Campus stands at the forefront of this movement, driving innovation and reimagining the future of learning.

Through its commitment to decentralization, community engagement, and the power of the EDU token, Open Campus paves the way for a more accessible, efficient, and equitable education system. As we embrace the possibilities offered by blockchain technology, Open Campus offers a glimpse into a future where education is truly borderless, collaborative, and learner-centric.