A hackathon, a portmanteau of the words, “hacking” and “marathon”, is a social coding event where programmers find new ways to solve problems and complete large collaborative projects. Typically, participants will come together to build a new software program over a relatively short amount of time, such as 24 or 48 hours. There are many types of hackathons, differing in structure and purpose, but all of these events foster collaborative innovation and can benefit both individual careers and company-wide technical robustness.  

In the context of blockchain and crypto, a hackathon is a competition to build a sample application on top of a blockchain ecosystem. Through the process, participants can understand the various aspects of building applications using new technologies, from ideation to execution.
A blockchain hackathon allows individuals or teams to come together to develop new and innovative blockchain-based solutions. It typically lasts for a specified period – usually a few days or a weekend – during which participants work on creating working prototypes, proofs of concept, or even fully functional applications that leverage blockchain technology.

The objective of a blockchain hackathon is to encourage collaboration, creativity, and experimentation among developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts who share a common interest in blockchain technology. Depending on the assignment, participants may be given a specific challenge or theme to work on, or they may be free to develop any blockchain-based solution they choose.

At the end of the event, participants present their projects to a panel of judges who evaluate them based on various criteria such as innovation, technical complexity, and commercial viability. Winners of the hackathon may receive prizes or recognition for their work, and their projects may have the opportunity to be further developed and integrated into real-world applications. Overall, hackathons are an essential part of the durability and innovation of blockchain ecosystems.

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