CoolWallet S – Hardware Wallet Reviews 2022
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CoolWallet S – Hardware Wallet Reviews 2022

CoolWallet S – Hardware Wallet Reviews 2022

Na-publish Mar 11, 2020Na-update Apr 21, 2023

CoolWallet S specifications

Dimensions (cm)

8.5 x 5.4  x 0.08


5 g




One button


USB, Bluetooth


15mAh lithium-ion


iOS & Android

Supported coins and tokens



coolwallet s hardware wallet image

What’s in the box?

  • CoolWallet S

  • USB charger with cable

  • Recovery card

CoolWallet S overview

The form factor makes the CoolWallet S a unique choice in the hardware wallet market. However, the e-ink display and the button can be a bit clunky to use, and the charging dock tends to disconnect easily. This can be especially inconvenient during a lengthier firmware update.

The CoolWallet S takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge. With periodic charging, the battery should last over 2 years, according to CoolbitX. Like any lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the CoolWallet S will one day lose its ability to hold a charge. Once this happens, users will always be able to use their CoolWallet S when plugged in the charging dock.

The initial setup can be a bit lengthier than it is for other crypto hardware wallets. While the seed length is adjustable, the seed verification process is a bit unconventional and may be complicated for beginners.

You can manage your coins on the CoolWallet S with the CoolbitX app. While a bit simplistic, it provides all the basic functionality, such as transferring assets and checking balances. The CoolBitX app also has native integration with Changelly and Binance DEX, allowing you to exchange your assets straight from your wallet. The Bluetooth connection with the app worked consistently throughout our testing.

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CoolWallet S pros and cons


  • It can be set up and used with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Very portable.

  • Waterproof for up to 1 hour.


  • Lower selection of coins and tokens when compared to its competitors.

  • The setup process can be a bit complicated.

  • When compared to other crypto wallets, there is still room for improvement in terms of user experience.

CoolWallet S pricing

As of January 2020, the CoolWallet S is sold for $99. 

It’s advised to always buy hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer. Buying second-hand hardware wallets poses the risk of the private keys being compromised. 

Closing thoughts

CoolbitX has come up with an innovative design for a hardware wallet. As the CoolWallet S is shaped like a standard credit card, it’s ideal for you to carry around in a regular cash wallet.

In summary, the CoolWallet S might be an ideal choice for those wishing to try something new in the hardware wallet space.

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