Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry
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The Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry course offers a comprehensive four-week exploration into blockchain technology and digital assets. It starts with understanding fiat systems and Bitcoin's philosophy, then progresses to examine the evolving financial landscape, including CBDCs and blockchain scalability challenges. The course emphasizes practical blockchain applications, risk assessments, and future trends like tokenization of real-world assets and artificial intelligence. Participants will acquire skills in analyzing fiat systems, understanding blockchain, and grasping the complexities of digital finance, preparing them to contribute significantly to this rapidly evolving field.

Please note: the estimated completion time for this course is only related to the course videos. It is important that each student completes the additional reading provided in the 'suggested reading' sections each week.

What you will learn

  • Exploring Decentralization: Analyzing the dynamics of the current fiat system and exploring the concept of decentralization in the context of digital currencies.

  • Bitcoin's Philosophy: Gaining insights into Bitcoin's philosophy, its relationship with fiat currencies, and the mechanics of money creation.

  • Blockchain Technology: Delving into the uses of blockchain technology, including smart contracts, Dapps, and the challenges in scalability and sustainability.

  • Crypto Industry Evaluation: Evaluating risks, potential in the crypto industry, and future trends like tokenization of real-world assets, Artificial Intelligence, and the impact on traditional banking systems.

Bio Instructor 

  • Professor Dr. Jakub Jedlinský is an expert in fundamental analysis of coins and blockchain projects, with a focus on understanding money dynamics through SFC models. As Managing Director and CTO of Altlift, he applies his academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. His role as an assistant professor since 2016 involves leading seminars on specialized cryptocurrency courses.

  • Kareem, an adept in technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, joined the faculty in 2023, bringing a blend of data analysis skills and macroeconomic knowledge. His doctoral research focuses on quantifying natural interest rates. In his teaching, Kareem leads seminars on International Economy and specialized courses in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Digital Assets.

Quizzes will appear after the last video of every course.

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Dr. Jakub Jedlinský
Professor at Prague University of Economics and Business
Kareem Abdallah
Researcher and Instructor of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Digital Assets at Prague University of Economics and Business
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