Blockchain and P2P Fundamentals
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The Blockchain and P2P Fundamentals course introduces the concepts and technical underpinnings required by professionals to learn, maintain, or improve their grasp of Blockchain innovation. The course strategically focuses on Blockchain's use in multiple industries and measures its disruptive force. This practical application follows a proof-of-concept approach which explores functional areas such as DeFi, P2P Trading, and Cross-Border Payments. Moreover, the course has applications in Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chain Management; Government Public Services such as Procurement, Registration, and e-Voting; Pharma and General Health Care Management, Regulation Compliance, and Testing Results; Music Industry Ownership Rights, Royalty Distribution, and Transparency; among others.

What you will learn

  • Blockchain Evaluation: Critically evaluate blockchain processes, practices, tools, and solutions.

  • Decentralized Digital Currencies: Systematically analyze decentralized digital currencies, P2P networks, and the underlying blockchain technology.

  • Disruptive Potential of Blockchains: Envision the disruptive potential of blockchains in combination with other technological developments (IoT, AI, etc.), particularly in the field of money and commerce.

  • Observation and Participation in Transactions: Observe and participate in foreign exchange and digital currency transactions.

  • Business Model Development: Develop applicable business models that can either be integrated into existing organizations or be used to create new ones.

Bio Instructor 

  • Professor Dr. James Mulli, as the Founder, Program Director, and Academic Dean of the European Business Institute, brings extensive experience to his role. His expertise lies in lecturing on Applied Blockchain Technologies, post-graduate Corporate Finance, Business Statistics, and Managerial Accounting. With a diverse background including lectureships across several countries such as Luxembourg, China, the USA, Kenya, and Germany, Dr. Mulli has also held directorial positions in two thriving New York-based multinational conglomerates. Notably, he served as an NASD Series 7 compliance officer at Heyka Capital Management and as a Portfolio Manager at Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Partners. Dr. Mulli earned his Doctorate and Masters degree from Saint Johns University, New York, and completed his MBA with a specialization in Investment and Finance at Plymouth State University, New Hampshire.

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Dr. James Mulli
President/Academic Dean at European Business Institute of Luxembourg
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