Binance DEX: Funding Your Testnet Account

Binance DEX: Funding Your Testnet Account

5mo ago
In order to add testnet funds to your Binance testnet account, navigate to the Binance Chain testnet faucet and follow the instructions below. 

How to use the Binance Smart Chain Faucet

2. Create a new address on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

4. Place your Binance Smart Chain address.

5. Choose how many BNB you want to receive.

6. Post a new tweet to get the funds.

6. Replace the zeros with your address.

That’s it! The BNB will be sent to your address in seconds!

How to Transfer Testnet BNB from BSC to BC

3. Fill in your Binance Chain (BC) address and approve the cross-chain transfer in the pop-up window.