·2020.06.04 06:24

Hi, I deposited XTZ into the staking wallet, however I still don't see my coin being staked. It says wait for 30 Nod Confirmation? What does that mean and how long do I have to wait to see it?



I'm unsure about the details of Tezos, but confirmations in the context of other blockchains refer to the amount of blocks that must be added before your transaction is acknowledged.

For example, if a Bitcoin deposit is only confirmed after six confirmations, it needs to be included in the blockchain (the first confirmation). Then, each block built on top of the block it's included in adds another confirmation. Once you reach six confirmations (5 blocks on top of the one it's included in), the receiver views your transaction to be valid.

Check out a Tezos block explorer, and compare the block your transaction was included in with the current block height. Once that number is equal to (or exceeds) 30, then your XTZ should be deposited.